World Culture Game App
Global Scribes: Youth Uniting Nations®

Up the ante on your world knowledge. Where do hot dogs come from? Where is Mingchao located? What flag is that? Who knows more!? Will you win? Compete against unknown competitors on global culture...animated, fun, edu-tainment.

World Culture Quiz is a game app. Step 1. Users compete against one another in a simple multiple choice-style question-answer game. Each player answers the same questions as the opponent. Via a timer and live feed, one is constantly aware of how your opponent is doing. This aims to create a competitiveness that compels users to aim higher and higher, and improve their skills through learning about the topics at hand. Step 2: mini games are built within the game app 1/ player sees a world map or the map of a specific continent and is asked to pinpoint where a given city is located – the player who is places their pin closest to the actual location of the city wins the round. 2/ the player is shown the flag of a country, then has to select the country represented from a list of options. ETC.

Categories are as varied as Music, Food, Flags, Monuments, etc. No politics, no religion.

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