Emergency Mobile Healthcare Unit
Doctors of the World

To provide access to basic healthcare and mental counselling for victims of the Ukrainian conflict through a new mobile healthcare vehicle, manned by a doctor, nurse and psychologist.

The funds raised will enable Doctors of the World to purchase a new mobile healthcare vehicle that will become a clinic manned by a doctor, nurse and psychologist, who will focus on both physical and psychological conditions.

Ukraine has slipped from the media gaze; however the situation is becoming increasingly desperate.

It is estimated that over 1 million people have been forced to leave their homes, with many of these suffering from severe physical and mental trauma as a result of the terrible violence they’ve seen or experienced.

Families have been forced to shelter in basements for days whilst battles raged above their heads, with children and young people particularly affected by the conflict, emerging from their hiding places starved, scared and disturbed.

The state health services are overwhelmed by people desperate for help - basic first aid to help treat their physical trauma, and psychological counselling to help them come to terms with their mental trauma and start to see a way forward for them and their families, to rebuild a new life. This is especially important for children and young people, the future of Ukraine.

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