Wetlands Adventure Trail
The Wetlands Project

The Wetlands Adventure Trail is a self-guided interpretive program designed to develop and nurture the important connection between community heritage, wetlands preservation and the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

It is nearly impossible to live on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay without being captivated by the beauty of the Bay in one moment and bewildered by the complexity of the issues affecting the health of the Bay in the next. While federal, state and local governments focus on the “big picture” of the Chesapeake Bay, climate change and other critical issues, we ask “What is the role of the community in local conservation?” The Wetlands Adventure Trail is a new, innovative and relatively inexpensive project focused on a specific ecosystem within a specific geographic area. The “product” is a highly transportable model, consisting of an information document organized by topic that can be downloaded in sections from the Internet, printed and taken to sites by visitors; or accessed on-site by visitors with smartphone or tablet capability. Similar to a tourism brochure, the information will include photos, specific site references and details that will enhance the visitor experience.

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