Make It!
Toynbee Hall

Improve the confidence and communication skills of inner-city young people to improve their social relationships and academic engagement increasing their chances in later life.

Make It! is an in-school project for young people aged 11-13, combining one-to-one mentoring with regular group sessions and a residential trip to Wiltshire. Make It! enables young people to develop a greater understanding of themselves and their peers.

As a part of Make It!, we take participants to Jamie’s Farm in Wiltshire. For many of our young people, this is their first time outside of Tower Hamlets, let alone London. This residential trip gives them an opportunity to develop their empathy and communication skills in an environment completely different to that which they are used to.

Many participants have never seen or engaged with farm animals before, and the time on the farm can be life-changing. As they witness lambing season, learn to make camp fires, and overcome their fears of animals, they are building friendships and learning to connect with themselves and their environment in new ways.

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