Rebuilding Nepal's Shattered Healthcare System
Doctors of the World

To rebuild a quality healthcare system and transfer expertise to local communities, allowing long-term provision of quality care for the people of Nepal.

Emergency care is still needed in Nepal right now, but there is also a need to ensure the future sustainability of their entire healthcare system.

Already immensely fragile, with only 1 doctor for every 5000 people, the healthcare system has now completely collapsed.

Doctors of the World responded rapidly, sending an emergency team of doctors and nurses, but we know that this isn’t enough if there is to be a lasting difference.

We were already working in Nepal and have been for over a decade, most recently providing reproductive and sexual health education to over 3,500 women in rural areas. Without new funding, we cannot continue to provide projects such as this and rebuild their shattered health system.

You can make a difference. Help us raise funds so that we can reach more disaster survivors as they begin to build back their own futures.

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