Affordable outdoor education for young Londoners
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Outdoor education at My Hindleap

Outdoor education with its combination of adventurous activities and important time away from home, develops young people’s self-confidence, improves their educational attainment and builds their relationship with their peers, youth worker and teachers. It also helps to address health problems, enhances wellbeing and offers many their first real contact with nature in a rural environment.

Many young people from our member youth clubs are growing up in poverty, disengaged from school and at risk of leaving education with few or no qualifications.

Hindleap is an invaluable resource for young people from our member youth clubs to try out challenging outdoor adventures like canoeing, climbing and bushcraft, and gain practical experience of teamwork skills while spending quality time with their peers in the natural environment.

Many have never been out of the city before: never jumped to grab a trapeze bar 50 feet in the air or made a shelter to sleep in or seen the Milky Way.

We subsidise the cost of visits to our outdoor education, Hindleap Warren, for these young people creating an affordable opportunity for them to develop their confidence, resilience and relationships off-grid in our 300 acres of woodland.

It costs £80 for each young person to come and enjoy all the Hindleap has to offer.

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