Orphanage Village Program
Poverty Release

Building a Home For The Homeless

We are working with a local charities in Africa with 100s of orphaned children by HIV/AIDS, and accidents who are currently staying in semi-permanent structure (grass-thatched house) made out of combination of mat, reeds, wood and dry star grass as the roofing. There is urgent need of the children to have improved permanent shelter/ a place they can call a home.

Our aim to provide improved and sustainable home care (orphanage) in the community, most of these orphaned children at the ages of 4-6 years had lost both of their parents and also living with HIV/AIDS. Many are sick, suffering cruel deprivations, and are frightened and alone in a world where there is yet another burden. These children are stigmatized, made to feel ashamed by the source of their suffering, HIV/AIDS at a tender age. Building the orphanage home means these children can have a better life and education

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