Breast Cancer in Young Women
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

To provide a better outcome for young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women under the age of 40, with 18% of all newly diagnosed cases of the disease being found in women in this age group. Breast cancer is not on a young woman's radar, especially if there is no history of the disease in her family. The longer breast cancer goes undiagnosed, the harder and more invasive it can be to treat. As a result of this impending need, a synergistic, interdisciplinary and dynamic network of cancer researchers, doctors and other cancer professionals have formed a Pan-Canadian collaborative that aim to overcome the limitations of geography in order to tackle the challenges of breast cancer in young women. The outcome of this research will ideally help future research to focus on how to reduce the incidence of, better diagnose and effectively treat breast cancer in young women.

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