The Reciprocating Care Leaver Network
Rees Foundation

We're going to build a UK wide online community of care-experienced people.

People who have been through foster care or residential care are statistically far more likely to have been to prison, experienced homelessness, and suffered from complex psychological and emotional needs than the general population.

At the Rees Foundation we know that a huge contributing factor to the poor outcomes for care leavers is the lack of a social support network. Most people would simply be able to turn to family for vital guidance, advice and financial assistance - but care leavers don't have this family support network to turn to in times of need.

We're going to build a UK wide network of care leavers, with an on line portal where they can communicate with one another and share opportunities and offer to help one another.

Your work will fund the construction and launch of the web resource, and pay for a qualified care experienced person to run the service.

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