Turtle Guardian
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Conserving turtles at risk through youth engagement

Turtles eat dead matter and waste and keep fresh water clean! Although turtles live for more than 400 years, it takes at least 80 years until one successful hatchling is recruited to an adult. Female breeding turtles are killed as they cross roads to reach nesting sites, so the majority of turtles left are males. Turtles are taken as pets. Some turtles are killed for food. Many animals dig up and destroy nest sites. The world has lost over 50% of its turtles in the last 20 years. Turtle Guardians, engage youth and and landowners to monitor and conserve turtles. Guardians receive tool kits and training in identification and habitats. They report sightings and access our biologists for site visits to create stewardship plans and restoration projects to keep turtles healthy and active on their properties. Data is used for atlas projects, and to locate and place crossing signs and underpasses in danger zones. Our goals are to enroll more Turtle Guardians, and to advance our work by providing new mobile App technology to the public and Guardians to assist with monitoring and reporting turtles.

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