Build a community centre
World Literacy Foundation

To create a fun and safe learning environment for the children in one of the poorest communities in Pakistan.

The town of Faisalabad is the third biggest city of Pakistan and also one of the poorest. Many residents live well below the poverty line and children receive little to no education. Only a few schools in the city have a library and children have very little access to relevant and exciting books. We have partnered with a local literacy organisation and are planning to build a literacy centre. The centre will not only be a safe and fun learning environment but it will also incorporate technology to encourage digital literacy. Games and exciting books will be readily available as well as team members from our partner to ensure every child can take advantage of such a fantastic learning environment. Political and religious problems that children are constantly surrounded by can be left at the door as they enter into a world where they are encouraged to develop a love and habit of reading.

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