Development centre for Afghan Children
War Child UK

To enhance the development of Young Children aged 4-6

War Child have established more than 20 kindergartens for children aged 4-6 in different villages around Herat city and each centre now has a waiting list of approximately 60 children. These nurseries have an enormous impact on under-five mortality. Funds raised will:

  • Hugely increase the likelihood of girls who attend the centre progressing on to primary school
  • Raise awareness of the importance of good health and hygiene for both the children and their mothers
  • Provide the children with a healthy snack each day which will ensure they get the vital nutrition they need; they would otherwise get one small meal at home
  • Give mothers of the children who attend the centre the opportunity to socialise with each other in a way that is accepted by their society. Here they can feel comfortable discussing day to day issues and share advice on subjects such as hygiene and nutrition

Cost £5000

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