AbleGamers Assistive Technology Grant Program

Purchase expensive and necessary assistive technology for those with severe disabilities

Video games have become an important factor in almost everyone's life whether it's for for the social, rehabilitation and recreational activities. Anyone can play video games no matter their disability, but some need very specialized equipment to assist in the task many of us take for granted. Assistive technology is an expensive and extremely vital part of the solution to getting the gamer with disabilities back into the game.

The AbleGamers assistive technology grant program purchases that equipment for individuals who are often on limited or budgeted incomes. Most technological solutions are anywhere between $350 - $1000 just to get one person the specialized equipment they need to enjoy video games like anyone else.

There should be no barriers to fun.

A word from AbleGamers

Playmob has been a fantastic experience. AbleGamers has been treated with respect and honour throughout the entire process. Overall, I couldn't be happier, and Playmob's contributions to AbleGamers' mission will help dozens of gamers with disabilities. We look forward to their stellar support over the years to come." -- Steve Spohn, Chief Operations Officer, AbleGamers Charity

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